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SINOPEC Fuel Oil Sales Corporation Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC).The Company was registered and incorporated on May 27, 2010 .The Company has fully integrated SINOPEC‘s fuel oil sales,including productive enterprises and related petroleum companies, and is responsible for the specialized operation and unified management of SINOPEC’s fuel oil business. Headquartered in Beijing, the Company has set up seven branch companies in Tianjin,Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong, as well as two wholly-owned subsidiaries respectively in Zhoushan (Zhejiang Province) and Singapore.

The company’s core businesses are to provide oil products and service to domestic and international trading vessel and is committed to becoming a world-class bunkering company. The company is also actively developing domestic onshore terminal sales, refining raw material supply operations and coordinating import and overseas operations as well as domestic and international markets and resources. The company continues to promote the construction of infrastructure facilities and marketing outlets. The company has oil storage of 2.1 million cubic meters, with total assets under management of 10 billion RMB and the total operating volume has reached 25 million tons and total sales scale has reached 120 billion RMB. The company follows strong principles and is committed to building an international,professional workforce.

The company’s bunker volume for international trading vessel and overseas trade volumes and the domestic fuel market are rapidly expanding, as well as having consolidated a competitive advantage within the traditional domestic market. The company will further improve its networks, expand resources, establish its brand and build a strong team committed to supplying both domestic and international trading ships and providing both high quality and quantity oil products and efficient service, promoting the healthy and rapid development of China’s bunker industry.​