About Us

General Manager’s Foreword

Since the establishment of Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Company, our workforce has pulled together to implement our specialized management advantages and become a world-class bunkering company. We have comprehensively promoted the core businesses of bunkering for international and domestic trading vessel. Up to date, we have built a bunkering network of 40 major ports across China to meet the requirement of bunkering for international trading vessel in China anytime and anwhere. Our expansions of bunkering services in Panama, Fujairah and other major world ports, as well as in domestic ports, have greatly increased our service capabilities. We have radically internationalized our operations along with overseas resources and domestic service improvements. We have also further integrated our sales and production efforts,centralizing sales within Sinopec to further fulfill theneeds ofdomestic customers.

Following our own course of development we have realized our targets and gained the trust of our customers. Standing at a new milestone in our development, we will uphold the fine traditions of Sinopec and persist in the pioneer spirit. We shall continue to work hard and bring innovation throughout the business. Our ideals have always been true to Sinopec’s concept of honesty, integrity and working towards mutually beneficial business transactions and we will continue to strive for the excellent and effective service for our domestic and international customers. Our target,thereby, is to carry on our safe and environmentally conscious, socially resposible and sustainable development. Our motto is “making every drop counts”, and we aim to promulgate this concept into all aspects of the business.​